About The Show


Florence Family of Flutes offers audiences a rare opportunity to...

see and hear instruments that are a bit mysterious and wonderful! The fact is, the auxiliary flutes are used extensively in orchestral scores and musical soundtracks, but are rarely featured in solo performance.

You will experience sounds you may have heard but have never been able to identify. Consider these facts:

  • The flute is one of the quietest instruments in the orchestra.
  • The piccolo is the loudest instrument in the orchestra.
  • The bass flute is so quiet, that it often it is amplified to be heard in concert halls.
  • The largest flute is the double contra bass flute, sometimes called the hyper contra bass flute which is over 18  feet long and there are only 4 in existence in the world!
  • The smallest playable flute is only 4 ½  inches long!

The sounds of these alternative flutes are as different from one another as instruments from different families like bassoon to trumpet.

The success that Ms. Estrin has achieved in securing great musical repertoire to feature in performances for these wide ranging instruments is a testament to her commitment to bringing these instruments which she loves to audiences. Her years of experience as orchestral musician, chamber player and soloist have been essential experience to undertake such a daunting challenge.

Florence Family of Flutes is featured in concerts at art centers, schools, conventions, seminars, workshops, retirement communities, churches, fund raising events and in home concerts. For more information about how you can experience the wonders of these instruments, please contact us at: